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Leopold Crystal Ballroom: Bellingham Wedding Venue

March 5, 2016

The Leopold Crystal Ballroom, Bellingham Wedding Venue

The Leopold Crystal Ballroom, Bellingham Wedding Venue

The Leopold Hotel has seen decades of celebrations underneath its glittering chandeliers in the Crystal Ballroom.

Built in 1929, you can feel the history of the Roaring 20s as you go back in time walking through this gorgeous venue. Our next Venue Spotlight is on the historic Leopold Crystal Ballroom, once owned by Leopold F. Schmidt (founder of the Olympia Brewing Company and owner of the Bellingham Bay Brewery) where it received it’s name it still carries today.

This space is just so amazing, crown molding everywhere, ornate gorgeous carpet on half of the ballroom and in the smaller Rose room, The crystal chandeliers are drop dead gorgeous and then there is the 85+ year old original Disco ball, which was brought over from Chicago where it traveled from one jazz joint to another before finding it’s forever home here.

It you love feeling like the star of your own production straight out of the Great Gatsby, you need to look no further then the Leopold! The ambiance just can’t be found in a new building that you feel here, and if you are worried about the lighting being to dark, I can assure you, in all of the ballroom venues I’ve been to so far, this is the one with the best lighting! With giant mirrors all over the Ballroom and Rose room, and the chandeliers and candelabras on the walls, light is in no short supply!

I have to throw a shout out to Jenn, our lovely hostess who showed us around and gave us the back story, she was a joy to talk to and I couldn’t imagine anyone more fun to coordinate a wedding with. We instantly connected with her and had a blast!

If you are looking for your dream ballroom for your wedding day, I implore you to take the time to tour the Leopold, I guarantee you won’t find another place like it!



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