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Wedding Day Details Session – The Bride

May 7, 2016

The Bride

As the Bride, you’ve taken care of picking out all of the little details for your wedding, from your gown to the venue, from the flowers to the music, but some of the most care in choosing things for your wedding goes into what you are going to be wearing. You found your dream dress, the one who makes you feel like a princess, the one that makes you feel sexy, the one that fits you and your personality! But you don’t stop there, equally important as the dress is what you wear with it, the shoes, the jewelry, the garter, the lingerie, the hair style, the make up, all of those details add to the overall amazing effect that when you put them all on, you are a Bride and today is your wedding day!

On my own wedding day I didn’t think I could be both so stinkin’ excited to be finally marrying Jeff and yet at the same time, to be so calm! Let me tell you, it POURED on my wedding day… All night and morning… In the middle of August… And when I woke up and saw it was raining like cats and dogs, I just shrugged and went on my way to get things together to go to the church to get ready. I mean I can’t control what God decides the weather is going to be, so I wasn’t going to freak out because I knew If it was still raining later, we would figure it out!

The Bride

As a Bride you put thought into every detail, I’ve seen some of the cutest garters, specialized to fit something the Groom loves, and I’ve seen the most beautiful jewelry that was passed down from grandma to mom to daughter being worn, shoes that were barely there and shoes that made a statement in size and color! All of the Bride’s details we just love to capture! We want to capture all of the moments of your wedding so they are preserved in pictures forever, it’s all the little details that make up the entire wedding and we don’t want to miss a single thing.


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