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Photography Adventure Spotlight – California Travels

August 13, 2016

California Trip (3 of 68)

Even though this is from a couple of months ago now, I really couldn’t wait to share our California Adventures!

We did a trip down to San Diego, California to visit Jeff’s family, plus this checks off another state on our “go-to-all-50-states” bucket list item. And while we were down there visiting we set aside one day to venture north 2 hours away to go to Universal Studios! Why would we drive almost 4 hours total to go to Universal? Well to check off another bucket list item of mine (Rebecca) personally, “Go to Hogwarts”.

Yes I will admit to being a super nerd when it comes to Harry Potter, but I love it! All of the Hogwarts pictures were taken with our iPhones (so the quality isn’t what our pictures normally are) but I just had to share! I could have spent all day just in this one area of the park, but we did venture out and explored most of the other rides and the back lots too! Side note the backlots tour was actually my second favorite part of the park since there were 2 rides on the tour involved!

Besides going to Hogwarts we had a lot of fun adventuring around Coronado, and Seaside town in San Diego, California. There were all kinds of little nooks we took pictures at, with white stucco wall alleyways and succulent gardens everywhere, this warm part of California did have its own type of beauty that I loved! I need to find some of these big purple succulents for our own garden one day, if you happen to know where I can find them let me know!


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