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Adventure Session – Silverwood and Chico Hot Springs

September 24, 2016

Chico Vacation (20 of 21)


Jeff & I had been looking forward to this trip for over a year by the time we went on it, our big family vacation which included us, my parents and sister, and my dear aunt and uncle! We left super early and grabbed breakfast at this amazing little diner called the Sultan Café (seriously AMAZING food!) and then we caravanned across the state of Washington to Idaho on day one.

On our way to Idaho we made a pit stop at the Grand Coulee Dam, the second largest dam in the WORLD, it was pretty amazing to see to say the least I bet if they opened the flood gates it would sound pretty similar to Niagara falls!

We stayed two nights in Coeur D’Alene, and I, Jeff and my sister went and spent the day in Silverwood riding rollercoasters and water slides! It was a blast I really love this area, it’s a lot like home with a lot less traffic! 😉

Chico Vacation (15 of 69)

Then we traveled 415 miles to Chico Hot Springs, Pray Montana. This is a paradise on earth, my home away from home, the ultimate place for me to come and unplug and recharge! Going with my family took it to a whole new level, lots of visiting and laughing were involved and maybe just a touch of shenanigans haha! Along the way we did a quick pit stop in Anaconda to see this huge black smelter stack.

While we were in Montana we spent two days traveling around Yellowstone National Park, which if you’ve never been, go online and book a trip to go there ASAP! Seriously it’s such an amazing place to go to, you will need at least 3 days to see everything in the park, and it’s so worth it! From the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone to Norris Springs and then the Grand Prismatic Springs the geothermal and nature activities are endless. In the spring you will see baby Bison, which are darling, just don’t approach one or you might get seriously injured by mom!

We spent the last relaxing day of our vacation taking multiple dips in the natural Hot Spring Pools at Chico, walking around the area and visiting the Field of Dreams, which is usually where wedding ceremonies are held (This place by the way is a DREAM location for Jeff and I to photograph a wedding at! So if you want to get married at the most perfect place on earth let us know!)

The only complaint I have about this trip is that it was far too short (we spent 3 of our 7 days driving across the states) so next time we will need to plan more days to just stay!



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