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BarnStar Events – Bellingham Barn Wedding Venue

October 15, 2016


Barnstar is truly a magnificent one of a kind renovated barn wedding venue! Rebecca, the owner has put hour and hours into turning this 1926 old hay barn into a place that can feel like a far off exotic place! The barn is around 4 stories high, making it cathedral feeling inside and massive, this barn was built around its two wood silos, that’s right there are 2 giant silos INSIDE this barn! It is one of the most stunning backdrops for a ceremony or first dance we have ever seen!

I have to pause a moment here because I’m about to talk about the ceremony barn…. LADIES if you are a lover of white shiplap book your wedding here, if you are a lover of restored and one of a kind pictures, book your wedding here, if you love a place different from the usual barn venue, book your wedding here! It might be a little bit of a drive depending on where you are coming from but it’s so worth it!

Rebecca is such a wonderful outgoing fun soul, she has repurposed a lot of her key pieces in her venue from historic homes in Spokane, saving things that would have been tossed and incorporating them in such an amazing way she is truly talented and great to work with. Rebecca has included an awesome bit of history on Barnstar below!


“I moved to Two Sisters Farm in 2008. It was an old dairy farm with great bones in need of much renovation! There are many buildings on the farm and all of them cool in their own way, but the one that is totally magical is our huge historical hay barn built in 1926. Since I wasn’t going to be needing to store hay for a 100  cows I decided to clean it out as a place for kids to play in and while doing that it became so obvious that it was an awesome place to have a barn party! Cleaning out the barn from animal usage was no easy feat! I think I used every tool I own. Shovels, scrapers,pick axes, pressure washer….you name it, I tried it!  We also installed huge round vintage windows that we found in the basement of a historical building in Spokane and beautiful vintage stained glass windows. I started bringing in antique/vintage/rustic furniture(my passion) for parties and the barn was ready to play in! I thought I was done…but no…That turned out to be phase one. Next, my eldest daughter wanted to use the barn for her wedding so another layer of cleaning had to happen including bringing in a 45’ articulating lift so we could pressure wash from the ridge line down. Can you imagine 100 years of dust and spider webs being hosed from a 45’ceiling? That was a very intense week! Water dripping everywhere, furniture covered in tarps having to continuously be moved around the barn to avoid getting drenched!

 My daughter Alucia and her fiancé Joe also chose a 9 piece funk band for their reception. At the time the barn had a gravel floor, not exactly great for dancing! I made a deal with Joe who is a builder. I’ll buy the wood and you put in the floor. He accepted and Barnstar got a 750 sq ft dance floor. It is awesome to dance on! Putting in the dance floor triggered the evolution of the barn. It started becoming its own thing. Remember the movie Field of Dreams? Build it and they will come? Our Barn has been like that. 


In that growing and wanting to be able to legally rent the barn out to people I started investigating what it would take to make that happen. To make a long story short, let me just say that getting through county regulations for turning an agricultural building on a historic site into a commercial building is not for the meek! It took me 3 years to get through the layers and layers of requirements. At one point I was talking to someone at the county and he told me I was stubborn. I guess meaning I just wouldn’t give up. I prefer to call it determination. I knew what a jewel of a barn it was and so deserving of being used by others in Whatcom County and beyond.

Now that we are fully permitted I am so excited to start booking events again. Barnstar is mainly a wedding venue in Bellingham but have also hosted birthday parties, graduations, farm to table dinners, square dances and concerts. The barn has even been used as a movie set twice!

When you run an event center and especially for weddings, you don’t just book the event and then meet up with the people on the day of the wedding. I meet with people over and over, I meet with their aunt who is just in town for the weekend, or a brother home from college, their photographer, their best friend who couldn’t be here for the initial viewing. Moms, dads, grandparents. Over the course of  time you start getting to know the couples and their families and you get invested in them having the best day possible and you cheer for them and their future. It is a total honor to be able to share in this way.


Barnstar has become a warm place in many peoples hearts. So many beautiful, fun and poignant memories have been created here. By going the extra mile and doing the all the renovations that were required, we have enabled the barn to move its use into the future and keep it standing for another 100 years. She’s a beauty. She deserved it!”

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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