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Kelly + Andy – Diablo Lake Adventure Engagement Session

October 22, 2016


Kelly & Andy are such fun to be around! Their Adventure Engagement session through the mountains to Diablo Lake was on a perfect fall day. The mountains were full of changing leaves, and the air was cool and crisp, and Kelly & Andy full of smiles, laughter and love!

We ventured from the Gorge Brides and Lookout to the Diablo Dam with its stunning views and gorgeous lights on the dam. Spend a little time getting to know the lake on a dock and on the river bed at the Colonial campgrounds for a time, then headed upwards to the Diablo Lake Lookout  for the most stunning pictures around!

Kelly & Andy met through work, and their mutual love for discovering new foods and fishing brought them together, Andy was immediately drawn to her smile and Kelly said it was all of Andy’s charm and how he is so generous and selfless that hooked each other for good!


Their Engagement story is oh so romantic! Andy set up a fake family photo shoot at the Edmonds beach, and when flowers and candles in the shape of a heart greeted her he told her to look towards the water, where a scuba diver holding a sign that read “Kelly would you Marry Me?”! He got down on one knee and popped the question and now these two are all set for a gorgeous summer wedding next year!

We just loved working with these two sweethearts on their Diablo Lake Adventure Engagement session and we can’t wait for their July wedding!







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