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Chuckanut Gardens – Skagit Wedding Venue Spotlight

February 25, 2017

Chuckanut Gardens is located at the foot of Chuckanut Drive in Bow, Washington. And it’s a gorgeous hidden gem in the wedding venue world!

Something you may not know about me but I, Rebecca, am a HUGE Japan buff! It’s the top place to travel too on my bucket list and I grew up immersing myself in different aspects of Japanese history and culture, so naturally when my eyes saw the huge koi pond, authentic Japanese tea house tucked in the corner and the bamboo gardens I had a little geek out moment! It my dream to capture a wedding with Japanese elements in it, maybe even the bride wearing a traditional wedding kimono for the ceremony would be such a dream come true! Anyways…..

Melissa and her husband have worked hard into renovating chuckanut gardens from what it looked like when they first bought it to how gorgeous it is now without losing any of the beauty of the grounds around it. We think it is a seriously stunning location for your wedding day and a must see on the upcoming 4th annual Skagit Wedding Tour coming this May! 


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