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BLAZE Business Intensive with Tonie Christine – Photography Workshop

March 4, 2017

Jeff & I decided late last year that one of our 2017 Business goals was to attend at least 2 workshops specifically for photography in order to grow our skills and our business even more! We first came across Tonie on facebook when I was trying to narrow down the workshops we could go to, ideally they would be local so we could save some expense on travel costs, so I was very excited when this amazing sounding workshop happening at possibly our favorite Snohomish venue was coming up! 

Ok first and foremost, if you are starting your photography business or ready to take it to the next level, attending one of Tonie’s BLAZE workshops is a MUST!

Tonie is a big proponent on community over competition, which is very important to us as well! And we are similar on so many levels it was like we just hung out with a long time friend all day! We learned tips about a lot of things; how to structure your business to be the most efficient as possible for you, client experience process and how important it is to know when to make next step changes to your business!

As we started our second year of business this year, Jeff and I knew we wanted to make some changes to Jeff & Rebecca Photography, for the better of course! Some of the changes we have already decided on and are making & others we are just starting to brainstorm! I can’t go into too many details (because we want to surprise you all later!) But some of the things we are changing are both our online presence & branding and how we do in person meetings!

What we know is we are so excited to see the direction we are taking our business in! Even though we do family sessions on top of weddings and engagements, Weddings and Engagements are where our passion in, so we really want to focus on creating the best client experience possible for our couples and to focus more and more in those two areas!

We can’t praise Tonie enough, she is a wonderful person and a super talented photographer! During all of our learning we had a practical shoot to learn some new skills and so I am super happy to share the images Jeff & I captured of this gorgeous couple and set up by some amazing artists!



Event: BLAZE with @toniechristine
Design/florals: @kalebnormanjames
Calligraphy: @bespokestrokes
Video: @ridgewoodfilms
Hair and makeup: @makeupwithme_
Dress: @thedresstheory
Venue: @woodlandmeadowfarms
Models: @molls.__

Photo below by Tonie Christine Photography (all of us doing the “Tonie face”) :


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