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Mariah + Cristian // Echo Falls Country Club Wedding // Snohomish Photographer Jeff & Rebecca Photography

April 9, 2017

When it poured the night before during their rehearsal we were all a little worried about rain on Mariah & Cristian’s wedding day at their Snohomish venue, Echo Falls Country Club. But to all of our surprise, the day was beautiful & the sun even came out for a couple of hours, which reminded me on how fun and gorgeous their engagement session had been!

As they were getting ready, Mariah & Cristian swapped love letters to each other, and it was the most touching thing to see they reactions as they read the sweetest words from each other. 


Mariah also put together these beautiful gifts for her bridesmaids which included custom matching necklaces that they wore for the day. Paula, the brides mom had the most sweetest tradition you guys! For both of her daughters, she saved the baby bonnets they came home from the hospital in, and on the day they got married she snipped the string that connected it together to make a gorgeous and super meaningful handkerchief for Mariah to have as her something old (like seriously you guys I was tearing up hardcore in the corner)! 

As we captured this wonderful wedding at Echo Falls Country Club from the morning hugs and happy tears to watching our JandRcouple tear it up on the dance floor to the cha-cha slide, Jeff & I looked at each other and we know what the other is thinking, that there is no bigger joy for us then wedding photography, watching two people who we’ve grown close to over the last year say their marriage vows and commit to a life of love and happiness together just always gets us right in the feels! 

Mariah & Cristian, we couldn’t have asked for two more perfect people to spend our first 2017 wedding with! It’s so obvious how much you two love each other, and how much the people around you love and support you both too! We can’t wait to see what adventures you will have together in this crazy wonderful world of marriage! Love – Jeff & Rebecca


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