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You’re Engaged! First 9 things to do when he pops the question! // Seattle Wedding Photographer // Jeff & Rebecca Photography

January 1, 2018

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He popped the question, you said YES! You are both full of excitement and love and so giddy to share the news with EVERYONE right away, right?!

Hold on!

Before you tell everyone your exciting news, here are the 9 things you should do first when you get engaged:

#1 – Soak in the moment.

Before you rush away from the proposal, take a few extra minutes just the two of you and soak it all in! This is such a special time together, so just enjoy the fact you are now engaged before you launch into the wonderful wedding planning part.
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#2 – Call or tell your parents in person.

Your parents have been there for you since the beginning, so after you and your Fiance (eeek! we like the sound of that word!) take a few minutes to soak in that you are engaged and starting the fun and amazing journey to marriage, you need to tell your parents your happy news before anyone else!
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#3 – Share with your friends and family online.

Ok NOW you can share that epic ring photo on social media! Shout it from the rooftops that you are engaged & marring the BEST person EVER!
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#4 – Talk budget with each other then your parents BEFORE planning any part of the wedding!

Real talk, weddings cost money, and while every persons budget is different, it’s important to know who is contributing how much from the beginning. You don’t want to have the wedding planned and turns out mom and dad can only pay a small amount, and then you have to dash your dreams of that stunning bouquet, dress or venue! Leading off with a set number in mind helps you prioritize the things truly special to you and your fiance from the start and doesn’t leave you with remorse and dissapointment!
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#5 – Make sure to get insurance on your ring.

You don’t want to get home from a day out shopping only to discover your center stone had come lose and is lost forever! Making sure you have proper insurance on your ring can be crucial for the life of it. Making sure you have good insurance can also cover if you ever need your ring size adjusted in the future too!
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#6 – Determin your guest list.

Too often I know couples book almost their whole wedding and then discover the guest list has doubled in size and it’s more then their venue can hold! I always tell our couples for your guest list, start out with making a draft guest list of all the people the two of you want. Then see the number, only have 30 or 40 spaces left? Tell each side of parents they have 15 or 20 people they can each invite max! You don’t want a wedding with 200 people you don’t even know! And don’t even get caught in the “if we invite so-and-so-we-have-to-invite-so-and-so” that is SO not true! Invite the people that mean the most to you and that you want there on your wedding day! 🙂
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#7 – The Venue does NOT have to be booked first.

If you haven’t dreamed about getting married at a specific venue most of your life, then before you book a venue, see if there is another wedding vendor you HAVE to have at your wedding day! I know to many brides who booked their venue first and then reached out to their favorite photographer, planner or florist only to be heartbroke when that vendor is already booked for that date! Making sure the vendors you want have your date open first is so important, especially if you are flexible on what date you want to get married on.
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#8 – Set a date & timeline!

Now that you have dates from your must have vendors and venue that are open, time to nail down the official wedding date! Officially book the big things and start planning for your save the dates and wedding invitations! Then sit down and go over your wedding planning timeline, how far in advance do you need to find your dress? How about catering meetings? Can you squeeze in those 10 cake tastings in the next 2 weeks before staying on track for your wedding weight?!
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#9 – Dream a little dream!

You know your budget, you’ve booked your must have vendors and venue. Now it’s time to nail down your dream wedding theme details! Go big first, then alter from there! Change certain elements sizes or astetics can drastically alter the price on some things!
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Just remember, this should be a fun time for the both of you! Stick together, and remember to take some wedding planning breaks leading up to the big day to just be together and go on some dates!

And once you are ready to book your wedding photographer, make sure to reach out to us on our contact form by clicking here!

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