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2017 Year In Review – Best of 2017 pictures Wedding Addition!!! // Jeff + Rebecca Photography // Snohomish Wedding Photographer

February 4, 2018


So we’re a little late at doing this BUT I wanted to do a best of 2017 and really have fun with it! All of our weddings and couples were gorgeous in their own unique ways so instead of doing a “best bride and groom first kiss” and so on, we are having our own fun little awards ceremony, and the categories are all amazing and fun!!!

So without further ado (read in your best awards ceremony voice!), the 2017 Annual Best of Weddings Awards are here!

First up, Most EPIC Bouquet toss catch award!

Our next winner is as sassy as he is cute, it’s the Best ring bearer side eye award!

Grab your tissues for this one, it’s the Most touching bride & sister moment!

Sometimes you just have guests that go above and beyond the call of duty for the dress code, it’s the Best Dressed Guests award!

Some of our couples are so trending they use the Pantone of the year color before it’s announced! It’s the Best “trending” bride ahead of her time award!

We all love a good garter toss, but it’s especially amazing when the brother of the bride catches it, it’s the Best awkward garter toss award!

Next let’s pop the bubbly! It’s the Best Champagne Popping Award!

Say a big “AWWWWWWW!” for this one folks! It’s the sweetest MOB award!

It takes a village to help you get married, but it takes talent and courage for your Bridesmaids to do a Flash mob in front of 100 people! It’s the Most Awesome Entourage Award!

Next it’s time to celebrate for the Best post Ceremony dance moves award!

It’ time for the Cutest Grandma award! <3

One of my personal favorites, the Elizabeth Taylor Look alike award!

It’s time for the super spinny award, the Best Dress Twirl in Golden Hour Award!

It’s another hanky moment! It’s the Cutest and most Emotional Bridesmaid During the Father Daughter Dance Award!

And finally…………….. it’s the Best Cake Smash!!!

And let’s give a big round of applause for all of our contestants this year! Mariah + Cristian, Ashley + Gabe, Kieva + Taylor, Ashley + Ryan, Kristyl + Mitchell, Danielle + Alberto, Anna + Cameron, Maricris + Hance, Amber + Skylar, Madison + David, Kate + Sam, Chelanne + Nick, Cortney + Brandon, Faridy + Al, and Alaura + Ryan!

You were all amazing and we are so thankful to have been a part of your day and lives!

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