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Vintage Bride part 2 // Ballet Dancer Bride // Arizona Wedding Photographer // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

March 12, 2018

Welcome to part 2 of the Vintage Bride Styled Shoot from Showit United last year, if you are a bride who is also a ballet dancer you will want to read and look at this session for sure!

Last November Jeff and I had the most amazing experience down in Phoenix at a conference/workshop/photography palozza called Showit United!

We worked with two stunning models for our brides on the Vintage Bride styled shoot and this one is all about our second model, Mimi, who is an amazingly talented ballerina and is as graceful as the swan queen she has performed as as she models! Ballet dancers have always been dancers I admire, they are so graceful and flexible and I know it takes an amazing amount of work to get in shape for that kind of dancing! Mimi even braven the deadly Cholla the jumping cactus for some of these photos, walking into the middle of a huge group of them she was pretty dang fearless and look at her two piece dress! The tulle skirt is detachable!

This styled shoots was the Vintage Bride styled shoot led by Mike Colon’! He’s a super awesome guy with a whole differnet perspective on photography. From him we learned when working with your clients and models, have them think about a time they felt whatever emotion you are trying to convey in your images because that emotion will naturally come across their face!

And if you missed Part one of this shoot, check it out by clicking HERE!


Hair and Makeup: Lillian Fogel
Stylist: Wish Social Events
Florist: Wish Social Events
Gown: Atelier Des Modistes
Venue: Phoenix Marriot at The Buttes


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