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Aries // The Zodiac Project // Snohomish Portrait Photographer // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

April 3, 2018


After attending the Showit United conference last year I, Rebecca, decided to finally bring to life a personal project I’ve been sitting on for years now. I started what I’m lovingly calling The Zodiac Project in December, with concepts to base each of my 12 western zodiac signs on the elements the sign corralates with in some way!

So I decided to start with the traditional first sign, Aries, which is a fire sign. And since there are 3 fire signs I wanted to showcase 3 different aspects of a fire. And Aries is smoke.

Smoke seemed appropriate since usually you get smoke when you first start a fire before a blaze, so as the first sign, I wanted to be a little symbolic in that it’s just the start of this project of mine.

I was so excited to get to work with Catherine for my first model. Even though she is young she has such a old soul air about her, and was a joy to work with! This shoot was also the first time using smoke bombs, and while they will make your clothes smell a bit of smoke, they are super fun to play with!

With Hair by Areca and Makeup by Natasha Gendron we played around on top of a mountain overlooking the Puget Sound for a couple of hours early one morning! I hope you enjoy the results of this shoot as much as we do! Stay turned for The Zodiac Project – Taurus coming next in the series!

Smoke bomb used: Enola Gaye Black Smoke Grenade










  1. Nona says:

    Mystical. Stunning. Beautiful model!

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