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Taurus // The Zodiac Project // Skagit Portrait Photographer // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

May 2, 2018

Taurus - The Zodiac Project - Jeff + Rebecca Photography

Back in November last year I, Rebecca, decided to finally put together a series of shoots for a personal photography project of 2018 that I had been wanting to bring to life in some way since I was a little girl. Inspired by one of my favorite shows as a young teen and also my love for the zodiacs, I have lovingly titled this The Zodiac Project.

Last month was my first shoot, for the sign Aries, and it was pretty dang epic. Smoke Bombs. Clifts. And a model who totally killed it with her edgy vibes.

This shoot I brought Taurus to life in the form of Victoria, who brought the whole range of Taurus personality traits to life right in front of me, to the joyful lighthearted love of the simple things in life, to the determination and strength to go where ever she wants to in life.

I really felt Taurus was the perfect sign for a lovely 70s jungle vibe. Channeling her inner Indiana Jones, we went on an adventure through a greenhouse that feel like it’s straight out of an exotic far off land.

Can’t wait to show you more from this series in the future!

The Awesome vendors apart of this shoot:

Model: Victoria Hague

Hair: Hair by Areca

Makeup: Natasha Gendron

Venue: Christianson’s Nursery

Click hear to see Aries.




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