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The Saltbox Barn // Skagit Wedding Venue // Saltbox Barn Wedding Photographer // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

July 28, 2018

The Saltbox barn is located in the Fir Island area of Skagit Valley, rich in history the Saltbox barn has many sculptures and elements of it’s past owners making it stand out from the typical wedding barn venues in the PNW.

Open from late May through September, the Saltbox Barn can accommodate up to 150 people and do weddings on Fridays-Sundays for 2018 & 2019.

Their rates range from $2950 to $3,500 depending on the weekend day you have your heart set on. There are a lot of complimentary items with the venue rental including wood tables (round or rectangle), 150 wood folding chairs, a variety of galvanized vases, galvanized tubs for drinks, a 1966 Airstream for photos, a custom metal arbor, a custom fire pit with s’mores roasting sticks, etc. and more!

The Saltbox Barn is here because a family decided to pour their heart into turn the heart and work of a family friend, Arnie Garborg, into a legacy that can continue to withstand time. They collectively decided to start a wedding venue because, the space is perfect for it and they wanted a way to share the property with others so they can experience, appreciate and be inspired by the beauty, history, art and nature around the property.

When we asked them why they chose the name “The Saltbox Barn?” Their answer was the answer is simple! Saltbox is the architectural style of the barn. Folklore holds that this style became popular, first as housing after Queen Anne’s taxation of houses greater than one story. The lowest part of the roof descends to the height of a single story and this gave people a loophole from having to pay the tax.

Besides the rich history of the venue, is there anything else that makes your venue unique from other venues of similar types?

Rich history and beautiful setting aside, we are unique for a few other reasons:

Many types of styles can work at our venue even though it is a barn, of course the country/rustic look fits perfect but so does industrial, artistic, traditional, vintage, romantic and even bohemian! We took a minimalist approach to the inside of the barn so it can work for everyone and be transformed into whatever style our clients envision for their big day.

My mother-in-law, Jan is another big reason, adored by many in the valley and beyond, I call her the Martha Stewart of Skagit (but better)! We’ve learned everything there is to know about this business, the land/ property, the history and aesthetics from her, and she is often at the barn putting unique and high quality touches on the venue.

Another thing that sets us apart is the gratitude we have for our clients. We know weddings are a big expense and we are so grateful for all of our clients. They aren’t just a date on a calendar or a name on a contract, we value our clients and the relationship we build with them and their families. We have small town values and a love of community, this will always be important to us and we will always treat our dear clients with the utmost respect.

So there you go! You should consider the Saltbox Barn as the venue for your wedding!

The Saltbox barn - Jeff + Rebecca Photography

The Saltbox Barn // Skagit Wedding Venue // Saltbox Barn Wedding Photographer // Jeff + Rebecca Photography


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