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Unica Forma // Guest Vendor Feature // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

March 30, 2019

Interview with Unica Forma // Guest Vendor Feature

Hey guys!

We have something a little different but totally fun to bring you on the blog today!

We’re doing a few interview posts with different vendors we have come to LOVE and first up is someone we connected with through the Goal Digger Podcast Insider group on Facebook!

I’m so excited to share what Jordin who owns Unica Forma, a fully custom graphic design studio who focuses on wedding invitations, has to say about her business and a little about her interests and totally cute pups too!

Unica Forma // Guest Vendor Feature // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

1. What drew you to the Calligraphy world?

I actually don’t do any calligraphy! We are a fully custom graphic design studio working primarily on wedding invitations. We do have a team member who handles all of our hand calligraphy πŸ™‚

2. What made you get into weddings specifically compared to other fields?

We got involved in the wedding industry after I got married in September of 2016. I was planning all of the details for my own big day and realized how much ‘space’ there was for a fully custom stationery studio. I spent weeks scouring the Internet looking for the perfect wedding invitations with no luck. That’s when I decided to design my own! The feedback I received blew me away and then Unica Forma was born.

We have dabbled into home art prints, and other stationery but weddings are our true passion. There is nothing like telling a love story between a couple through good design. I still have to pinch myself when I think about the fact that I get to be part of the biggest day of people’s lives!
Unica Forma // Guest Vendor Feature // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

3. How does a design process usually go?

The first part of the custom wedding invitation process is to fill out our questionnaire. From there we will put together a proposal + custom mood board that encapsulates the vibe of our clients’ wedding. We will chitchat about the components that make up your dream suite and discuss design inspo. From there we put together the first proof (AKA where the fun begins!) and ask for revisions. We collaborate with our couples to get everything perfect for their big day. Once we get the OK, we send everything into production and begin assembly. Then they have to look out in the mail for your wedding invitations to arrive!

4. What is your favorite part of creating designs?

I have two favorite parts – the beginning and the end. I love getting to know the couple and really starting the initial design concepts. This is when I get to let my creative flag fly! I also really, really, really adore the ending. Assembling the entire suite and seeing the finished product is unmatched. Styling everything for our photos andΒ  invitation reveals is another time my creative juices just flow, and that feeling is really why I do what I do!
Unica Forma // Guest Vendor Feature // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

5. Ok your pups are so freaking cute! How did they come into your family?

Aw, thank you! They mean everything to us! I got Quincy during my senior year of college before my husband and I started dating. The craziest part about that fact is that he is hypoallergenic. Charlie (my husband) is allergic to animal fur, so if Quincy had been hypoallergenic we probably wouldn’t have ended up together! (Our relationship kind of started by him wanting to meet Quincy because he wanted a hypoallergenic dog himself). Pumba is the baby of our family! We got him 4 months before we got married from the same breeder where I got Quincy πŸ™‚

6. What is one thing you always have to do during the day that brings you joy?

My morning routine is a non-negotiable. To start I spend an hour each morning to myself before diving into my workday. I sleep with my phone out of the bedroom, so I don’t touch it for an entire hour after I wake up. Usually I wake up; drink a full glass of water while reading for 20 minutes. Then I get up and ready/dressed for the gym. I head downstairs and make breakfast & start a podcast or listen to music. I usually spend 15 more minutes picking up or doing a random chore around the house. The key is to stay ‘unplugged’ for the entire hour. It sets the tone for the entire day, and I don’t think I could function properly without doing it at this point!
Unica Forma // Guest Vendor Feature // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

7. How long have you and your husband been married? You two are so freaking cute!

We have been married 2.5 years, and met while both studying to be teachers at The University of Cincinnati, where we had nearly every class together and our relationship happened fast. We have lived in 4 different places together, but we are finally in our forever home!

8. Why should a couple invest in customized stationery for their day?

Wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding! It is the very first things your guests will see for your big day. You want something that reflects both of your styles individually and tells your story as a couple. And if you think about it, the wedding invitations, photos and gown are the only tangible things you have left after the wedding. The invitations are an heirloom that you will keep forever, and show your grandkids in the years to come!
Unica Forma // Guest Vendor Feature // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

9. What is your favorite hobbies?

My husband always makes fun of me for not having any real hobbies (he would play video games 24/7 and never get bored, so he thinks it’s crazy that I could ever feel bored). But, I think I do. I love to read, listen to podcasts, and spend my Saturday mornings at the farmer’s market. I enjoy using all the fresh produce I get into a new recipe. Cooking has become a new favorite hobby of mine.

10. I noticed you LOVE podcasts! What are your go to favorites?

Ugh, this is difficult. I have so many. It really just depends on my mood. My current favorites are Let it Out by Katie Daltbout, A Waste of Time with It’s the Real and The Melissa Ambrosini Show. My husband and I listen to crime podcasts when we go on road trips. Our favorites have been Serial (I really don’t think Adnan did it), Dirty John and S Town.
Unica Forma // Guest Vendor Feature // Jeff + Rebecca Photography
Unica Forma // Guest Vendor Feature // Jeff + Rebecca Photography
Unica Forma // Guest Vendor Feature // Jeff + Rebecca Photography
Unica Forma // Guest Vendor Feature // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

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