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Hustle + Flow // Photography Workshop Review // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

April 3, 2019

Hustle + Flow // Photography Workshop Review

Hustle + Flow // Photography Workshop Review // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

Hey guys!

It’s time for another photography/business workshop review!

We’re gonna talk about them PROS for the workshop first! And Overall I would say Hustle + Flow is a pretty dang awesome workshop. It’s a LOT to put in your brain and you will probably walk away with a HUGE book or laptop full of pages of notes and to dos, and that will probably be overwhelming, but I’m also going to touch on how I’ve made a manageable way to go through and apply the notes I took as well! <3 I got you boo!

While I won’t go into huggge depth on what was said (I’m writing this part a couple days after the workshop so my brain is still pretty dang full!) I’ll give a good overview that can hopefully help you decide if H+F is right for you right now! 🙂

Overview on Hustle + Flow

Brittani + Jon are a pretty rad duo, there is no denying that! I really do love how honest and straight up they are when they talk, it’s really refreshing to me in an industry that’s pretty “fluffy” to have people who will just give it to you straight like a person should! They aren’t mean about it, but it’s tough love on some topics so prepare yourself for that!

A big thing they talked about the importance of mental health and doing what they call a check up from the neck up, an extremely important reminder for ANYONE. They talked about branding and how to build a brand your clients AND you will love! Jon talked marketing, and talked instagram, they talked about how your website needs to SOUND LIKE YOU REALLY DO! We talked website and emails, and back end legit business stuff and how to do it right. We talked ideal client, and the biggest thing that hit home for me personally was we talked about procrastination.

I a HUGE go-getter, I always love going above and beyond for my business and before that in my careers I had. However It turns out I was procrastinating a LOT in my personal life, which had started to work its way into the back end on some organization for our business. Now that I can clearly see where I was personally falling short, I can come up with a clear step by step plan to conquer it and get myself completely back on the track I want to be!

Hustle + Flow // Photography Workshop Review // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

GUYS, the guest speakers were AMAZINGGG!

Sam Jacobson taught about dynamic pricing and how to communicate properly with potential clients. Troy Williams spoke on how important it is to treat everyone not only with respect but like a VIP, and doing things for people because you should be a decent human too, and you never know when a connection becomes YOUR connection that launches your business further then it was before. Bernadette Baillie from the Knot dropped some of the most mind blowing facts about upcoming brides and their decision making process, what matters to them more and more in the coming years vs. what used to matter to them when it came to planning their wedding and booking their vendors.

All in all, if you are ready to put in some SERIOUS WORK and do things outside your personal comfort zone a bit, you will probably benefit pretty darn well from what H+F has to teach! I know I came away with some awesome new knowledge I can’t wait to try and apply to our business!

My practical tips for how to actually trudge through your million notes!

First I opened my notes document and then opened another new blank document right next to it, then I went page by page of my notes and from each page I made a bullet point on my blank document from every actionable point or items on my notes. Then once I went through all my notes, I opened another blank document and start creating categories “website” “client related” “Personal” “marketing” etc, and then I copied over bullets to their proper areas!

Then I reordered them based on priority (example, no sense in doing website updates if you don’t know your target market you are wanting to attract, so do your ideal client profiles FIRST!) now you have an in order document of notes! You can print it or add due dates to each item if you want as well!

Hustle + Flow // Photography Workshop Review // Jeff + Rebecca Photography

Now dun dun dunnnn!!

Every workshop has some.

My Personal Cons from Hustle + Flow

  • If you can’t handle straight hard talk you might possibly find it hard to learn by Brittany and Jon’s teaching methods. I loved it, but not everyone does!
  • It’s a LONG DAY (which they totally give fair warning on) I wish there were some sort of tables to use, but I get that not every venue has the space to hold attendees with tables and chairs. 🙂 If you live local to the workshop (or are driving to it) consider bringing a small tv tray or lap tray. My legs were short for the chairs so I was literally on my tiptoes all day so I could support my laptop, which was super physically exhausting surprisingly.
  • If you are completely detained by extreme weather conditions in my personal experience they will not refund you. They DID offer to let me try to sell the ticket OR to transfer to another workshop with an open date, so don’t pick a date that you for sure can’t get to no matter what the weather is like if extra money for traveling else ware is a concern for you. Thankfully I was able to make my workshop in the end because the weather let up by a miracle, but it’s just something you should know about my personal experience 🙂

All in All I feel like if you are struggling in your business or ready to learn some new things to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL, go to a Hustle + Flow! Also the Alumni group is legit as sheeeet and really awesome to be apart of!

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