Jeff + Rebecca Photography + Film

why we do what we do

reason 2

for the future

Having lost grandparents and family on both sides, we know the value of photographs. they keep memories alive when people you love aren't here anymore to make new ones. to us, our job is so much more then just taking an awesome photo, it's about preserving the memories you are making now for the future.


reason 3


for family

To us our family is everything. once we found out it's going to be tough for us to have children, we started to value the family we already have even more. infertility without a known reason sucks big time, and you can make plans but you never know what path god has in mind for you, but we know everything happens for a reason and our faith keeps our family bonds strong.


reason 4


for our marriage

Marriage plays a HUGE part in our lives and business. one, because obv. we are wedding and elopement photographers. and two, because we have so much value in our own marriage and cultivating a always growing partnership with each other. marriage is about two people giving 100% to work through life together, You both have to be working together to keep it strong and thriving. never stop dating yo!


reason 5


for experiences

We are firm believers in learning new things, and trying new things. traveling is a huge way we get to do that! from going all over the country, to having a major world travel bucket list, we love growing our minds by meeting new people in new cultures and new places. if a destination wedding is your game, we are down for it just as much as you are!


reason 1


for memories

You just never know what life is going to bring. both of us have lost family members suddenly, and one of jeffs grandma's has dementia. printed photographs are so damn freaking important to us because it's all we have to keep memories alive once someone we love is gone. we always bring our camera with us to family gatherings because they are all worth documenting and remembering.


but wait theres more!

5 things we love



1. I freaking love baths and hot springs! i would get in one or the other every night, but then I'd need a bath that came up more then my waist or my dream montana home!

2. if i could only eat one thing it would be ice cream, because it's like eating 50+ things just cold and yummier. my favs are coconut, choco mint and oreo btw.

3. im a total nerd. like i love video games, anime and manga, lord of the rings, and always, harry potter. i grew up loving them and still have my go to series and games! (with great replay value!)

4. i used to say if i could hire out one thing, it would be laundry. Then i got married and it magically got taken off my plate (sorry jeff!).

5. i love coffee and christmas, both things give me a lot of fond family memories.

1. we live in a house that needs a lot of tlc, and since i love to work with my hands,  i get pumped up to take something old and put a modern and updated spin on it.

2. I highly value Family Time. my favorite is just chilling with rebecca, or getting together with parents and siblings!

3. ever chasing the elusive Dog hair free floors, basically like the never ending laundry pile (see rebecca's answer to get it).

4. video games to me are like a good beer, a lot of options to choose from but I'M loyal to my favorites once I find them.

5. something i've recently gotten into is having daily (well trying to at least haha) quiet time. Where i get to write down AFFIRMATIONS in a start today journal and read a new devotional.


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