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The Coronavirus and your Wedding Day // What you need to know if you have to adjust // Washington Wedding Photographer

March 16, 2020

The Coronavirus and your Wedding Day. If you are here chances are your wedding has fallen under the Coronavirus (also known as the COVID-19) event quarantine time. Or it’s close and TBH your kinda freaking out about it inside. It’s our hope that this blog post can help you and your wedding day even if we aren’t your photographers! This is a crazy time. And our hearts are just freaking HURTING for the couples and our friends in the wedding industry right now. So we hope this blog post comes at a good time for you and that it brings some peace to your minds.

The Coronavirus and your Wedding Day

The Coronavirus and your Wedding Day | Alternative Options

  1. The First Option is to reduce your guest count to under 50 (remember to include your photographer in your guest count). You can still get married on your day, in your venue in most places if you follow the reduced number rule. You can live stream your day (just purchase a few portable chargers for your live stream device!) to those who can’t make it. If you are one of our couples, we can help you set that up. Jeff and I are also adding on a highlight video and a ceremony only video to any of our couples who choose to stay the course with reduced numbers for FREE because we know this isn’t the day you have been planning for years.
  2. Reschedule your event, just make sure to coordinate with all of your vendors if you can! This also applies if your venue wants or is being forced to cancel on you. This way you won’t lose retainers you’ve paid and still get to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of with everyone you wanted to have in person.
  3. Or opt to Elope! Pick your closest two confidants if you want (Jeff and I can ALSO be witnesses!) your officiant and photographers/videographers and head to someplace amazing outside and celebrate your day just the two of you! You can always plan a reception at a later time and air the rad video you now have from your Elopement while you two are celebrating.

We are here for you!

Just remember, if you are one of our couples, we are HERE FOR YOU! <3 It’s a stressful time but however we can support you two and your day we will. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!

The Coronavirus and your Wedding Day

If you need an elopement photographer/videographer in WA state right now due to cancellations, let us know! We will put together something special just for you!


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