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Choosing your Photographer / Don’t cave on the one thing you’ll have after the wedding is over / Jeff + Rebecca Photography

April 9, 2020

This is our tough love post for the year, so strap in ladies and gents! We’re talking about choosing your photographer and why this is the most important decision after saying yes!

Choosing your Photographer

As photographers who caved for their own wedding and engagement photos on photographers who weren’t their exact style, we are firm advocates on the fact couples need to find a photographer who they not only love personality wise, but whose style of capturing the images AND editing style they FREAKING ARE IN LOVE WITH. 

A little note to all of the couples out there getting married and finding their photographers, DO NOT FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO HIRE YOUR FRIEND JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER! That’s right, we went to bat for you! Your wedding day is NOT a day to have a photographer you are not 100% in love with their photography and editing style documenting it. We’ve heard a lot in the past and now a few times this year that couples have had a close friend or acquaintances who are a photographer and when they got engaged the photographer just assumed and projected that assumption on the couple that they would be their photographer.

And the couple felt trapped and like they had to use them because they didn’t want to sour the relationship, even though they liked other photographers styles more. 


You need to feel 100% zero pressure when it comes to choosing your photographer.

You deserve to LOVE your engagement, wedding, family, boudoir, any photos you pay for professionally, for your entire life. So don’t feel pressured to book someone close to you just because THEY assume they will be photographing you life. Let them know nicely that you love and support and will continue to send people to their business, but you personally are in love with another photographer who photographs a little more XYZ style. And when your friend goes, oh I can edit that way too! Really they are in it for the money and not for your best interests 99% of the time because photographers who have spent years and years honing their style and how they capture and interact with couples are not going to just change that at a drop of the hat for one person.

Photographers reading this, don’t get touchy or mad when a friend decides to book another photographer. We say this out of love for both you and the couple! What we do is art, and art is subjective. When your friends or someone you know does get engaged, for sure check in and see what they are thinking photography wise and let them know you are interested but NO pressure if they decide to go with someone else. And for the love of all that is good, stop messaging them things like “can’t wait to photograph your wedding!” “When do we set up engagement session?!” “OMG you know I’m going to be your photographer right?!”.

Choosing your Photographer

Stop putting pressure on your friends and family right away.

Let them enjoy the process! Let them know you are here for THEM, not that you are here to just make money off them.

We have so many photographer friends, and we love them all, but when it comes to our own photos being taken we know we love how we look more in true colors with a touch of boldness or more “moodier” photographs then light and bright and airy styles. And We’ve got friends who are totally the opposite and love a style that’s more light or de-saturated, and that 100000% ok! We don’t want my family or friends to book us JUST because we are friends or family! We want them to book whatever photographer who’s art makes them happy! It doesn’t mean they don’t support us, promote us to their friends, etc. There are so many ways your friends can support you without booking you themselves!

So Photographers, let your friends and people you know how to reach out and book you IF THEY WANT TO. Don’t put on pressure, they are already getting that from their parents/families in the midst of planning their wedding!

Couples, it’s okay to say thank you and love you but we’re booking someone else! If they get mad send them the link to this blog post here about choosing your photographer and they can read some good food for thought.

Choosing your Photographer

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